Minicreche Noena, the location

Minicreche Noena, the location

A healthy environment

Our home is fully equipped for and set to the daycare. There is no smoking, no burning of incense or the use of (scented) candles. There is (multiple) daily ventilation to ensure that there is a healthy living environment. 

In our home we have a dachshund and some sweet cats who are never left alone with the children. Outside we have a bunny. Animals can help a child to feel safe, which is one of the most important pillars of Minicreche Noena. 

Children playing at a table in the living room

Plenty of room to play

The older children have the ability to play throughout the whole living room and piece of the hallway. Next to that they can utilize the dining table for drawing or crafts. 

Toys are in bins in a closet and are encoded with pictures, so the children can make a decision on what they would like to play with. This stimulates their independence. 

Children playing in the livingroom
Some of the toys within Minicreche Noena

Toys and themes 

The themed table in the middle of the room is designed with toys and objects within the theme, which the children may play with on their own. The use of the television and iPad is limited to watching a show or a YouTube video with supervision and most of the time within the current theme. Within the themes we will also use educational webbooks which are watched at the dinner table under supervision. 

A Christmas display

Playing outside

We go outside daily. We play in the garden where there is a caterpillar shaped tunnel, a climbing frame and a little house. We also go on regular walks in the neighborhood. The children who can walk on their own are allowed to do so, while the children who are not yet able to walk sit in the stroller. This allows the children of all ages the opportunity to explore the world on their own and with others, as well as exploring and developing their own talents.